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Product name:Dimethoxymethane
CAS No.:109-87-5
EINECS NO.:203-714-2
Molecular Formula:C3H8O2
Structural Formula:
Molecular Weight:76.10

Qualitative index:
Purity (GC)≥99.0%  Moisture ≤0.5%

Purity (GC)≥99.5%  Moisture ≤0.3%

Purity (GC)≥99.9%  Moisture ≤0.05%

Appearance and Property: colorless liquid with similar odor to that of chloroform. 
M.P.(℃): -104.8 
Relative Density(water=1: 0.86
B.P.(℃): 42.3
Relative Density(air=1): 2.63 
Saturation vapor pressure(kPa): 43.99(20℃) 
Flash Point(℃): -17 
Ignition temperature(℃): 235
Upper explosive limit %(V/V): 17.6
Lower explosive limit %(V/V): 1.6 
Solubility: slightly soluble in water, miscible in ethanol and ether.

(1)To produce air freshener
(2)To produce pesticides
(3)To produce cosmetics
(4)To produce leather polish
(5)As substitute of Freon
(6)To produce cleaning agents
(7)As solvent of paints, printing ink and adhesives.